New flowerbed

elisabeth_growJanuary 23, 2009

Hallo, i hope you can help me.

My flowerbed is 2m with and 6m long

It is open to allside. the small sides are facing east and west and the long sides south and north.

In the middle i planted in the fall an Diabolo ninebark,

My idea was plant left and right from the ninebark each a mock orange shrub.In the left and right corner facing south a peegee hydrange. Between them a row of greenleaf canna lilies

In the left and right corner facing north each a blue hosta

Between them a row of stella d oro daylilys, or a Blach eye susan

To fill the place between hydrangea and mock orange maby Ligularia or orange daylilys.

What are you thinking about that?

Iam open to every thing.

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That sounds very nice, I beleve there is a smaller variety of mock orange that has yellow foliage, that would contrast the ninebark. Purple coneflower would companion the BE susan, dwarf russian sage and hotlips turtlehead are late season color like the pee gee. Blue leaved hosta are less prone to slugs.

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In my new flowerbed I have planted a loquat three feet from the house. Will this cause potential problems to the loquat or foundation of the house in the future? How long from now and how serious? Thanks.

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