Thinking Of New Edging Come Spring. Your Thoughts?

rickstangJanuary 1, 2010


Below is a picture of my house as of last spring. I did a beautiful job with the edging and mulch as you can tell. A few rainfalls later along with the cats, the edging was gone in no time and it looked terrible (Sorry, I don't have any pictures of that). I really like the way stone edging looks, but last year I didn't have $$ to put it in. This year I received a bunch of Lowe's Gift Cards and am able to spend a few hundred bucks on it. I found some reasonably priced stone that's within budget and doesn't require a cap. Below is a picture.

I was thinking of running just one layer of stone across the front of my house where the hostas are (Except for making it more curvy instead of sharp edges). Then around the corner where the large bushes are start with two layers since it's slightly lower ground. Then I could use the same stone around my 3 trees in the front. What do you guys suggest??


My House:

The Stone: (This stone is 12" long, 7" deep, 4" thick) Light Grey in color:

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domehome(9 CA)

I really like the edging stones, and the idea of making them less symetrical. You might want to make the area wider so as you find more plants you will have room for them. How about narrow trellises on a couple of those porch posts, climbing roses are easy care and they'd look beautiful. In order to deter the cats you can put chicken wire under the mulch or take some of those cheap bamboo sticks and put them in at intervals that make it difficult for them to navigate. I had to do this in my flower garden and once they stopped hanging around in there I removed the sticks and they continued to stay out! You might need to provide them with a "cat box" area somewhere else in the yard, they prefer sand.

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botann(z8 SEof Seattle)

Placed at the right depth in relation to the grass, it would make a nice mowing strip. Flashing between the 'stones' and the grass will keep the grass from creeping between the stones for awhile.

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eric_wa(San Juan, z8 WA)


I'm sorry, I'll have to be Mr. Negative.
Way to much lawn for my liking. Beds to sterile and plants lined up like tin soldiers. Plants should planted in clusters of 3's and 5's. Looks more natural. Built up islands of rock and soil / mulch.
The big blank wall could use a couple or three multi stem trees. Like Vine Maples. They would distract the view of the heat pump and cast nice shadows.
Raised edging means line trimming. I can think of better things to do.

Take a look at botann of seattles postings.

but what do I know. I'd plow the lawn and plant vegetables.

Here is a link that might be useful: Food not Lawn

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wow!! I really like your house, and all the plants you have added. Keep in mind that they will grow, so keep them trimed to show off your ground cover. It looks clean and slick.

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botann(z8 SEof Seattle)

Eric, too much lawn for me too, but remember the OP (Original Poster)is just beginning the landscaping.
It's nice to have some plants around the house but the design should start at the property line and work in. Evergreen trees for privacy should be planted first so they can do their job as soon as possible. The lawn shape is next. I think of the lawn as water. Where you have a bad view the 'water' should come in away from the property line so you have more room to plant trees and shrubs for privacy. Where you have a good view, let the lawn go closer to the property line so you won't inadvertently block it.

Flower bed edges change over time due to the need for more room, refinements, etc. Rarely do you get it right the first time that will stand the test of time. Most beds are too small and too narrow and improperly placed. The problem with putting down edging right away is that it tends to be permanent because it's a lot of trouble or expensive to change, therefore the design suffers.

Back to too much lawn. I took out a large portion of my lawn last summer. I was tired of mowing it and when I went on vacation I came back to a hay field. Here's the result.

No more hayfield! I covered the lawn with woodchips six inches deep. I get em' for free because the owner of the tree service parks his trucks on my property.

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Thanks guys for your helpful tips. Keep in mind that I have about 2 acres of grass my house sits on. Doing something like the above picture in a smaller yard would look great and it would be self maintaining. Trying to accomplish something that dramatic where I live with hardly no trees and all flat ground would be very hard to pull off.

On another note, I purchased my blocks for my small retaining wall over the weekend, I got half of it put in and it really made an impact I think. The photo below is a photoshop, the actual bricks are a tan/gray color, not red. They are also a different kind.

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juanital(5b/6a OH)

I like it! Looks complete! not that it didnt before but that'll be really nice when you're finished!!!

Botann-I really like that idea. hmmm maybe I can look for a tree company who wants to rid their chips...


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