red dust in the midwest

motria(z6 Chicago)January 8, 2006

Anyone notice a red dust on your stuff this week? In this photo you can see some of what's left on my silver-painted balcony. It looks like rust, but isn't.

We've experienced this before in the Midwest.. see the link from the National Weather Service in Wisconsin that explains how dust from Texas storms gets transported up north sometimes (the link is from 2003). The second link from NASA shows satellite images from a dust storm just last week. Interesting, huh?

Image link:

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rcnaylor(z7 Tex)

Motria, I really enjoyed your link to the dust storm picture from NASA. Cool. And, I used to live right in the middle of one of those swaths (on a sandy land farm near the Tex/OK border). That stuff in your photo we called "dirt". Ha. When its dry and windy it will really take off. I've washed tons of it out of my eyes, ears and everywhere else imaginable. If you think its a problem for you, just think about what its like on this end! You can have all of it you want. No thanks necessary. :)

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motria(z6 Chicago)

Well, I wouldn't say the red dust is a problem here.. just a minor mystery. :-) I work at a government office where we get a cluster of phone calls from puzzled citizens whenever this kind of "dust event" occurs.

Thanks for the vivid description of life at the other end of the red dust trail!

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