Can I mix daffodils or tulips in these beds of Aptenia?

videocheez(9)February 26, 2013

I have two long strips between and old driveway. Each strip is 40' x 32" wide. (See the photos below) I started planting some Aptenia Cardifolia there last weekend. I just got the bright idea that it might be pretty to plant a bunch of daffodils of tulips in this area too. I was hoping that by next spring, this area would be totally filled in with Aptenia and before it blossoms, I could have a nice display of tulips & daffodils popping up and giving a little show. It's just a thought. They would be easy to plant now because the ground is all freshly tilled. I was also wondering about the timing of planting those bulbs now with the hope of them blooming next year. I currently have daffodils that are just blooming and tulips that should open in a couple of weeks. Any ideas or thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, VC

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