where can I store all my garden pics?

quirkpod(7 Lewisville NC)February 14, 2013

I desperately want to start a blog but blogspot.com and others are so defeating. Anyone else doing this and having success? So far all sites I try are not allowing me to do what I want, which is just post pics with captions and start a new album each season. I can list the sites I have tried but the list is too long. How about suggesting this idea to gardenweb? I did it this AM. We could store them right here.

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botann(z8 SEof Seattle)

You can now post pictures in GardenWeb directly from your computer. Use the browse button.
I know this is not what you are looking for, but I hope it helps.

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ritmatt(GA 7b)

I like to store my photos on Dropbox.com. You can get a 2GB account for free, and it's easy to share images with others.

If you're looking to create a blog, posthaven.com is supposed to be super easy to use, $5/month.

Hope this helps.

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funnelweb(NSW Aust)

To share with others I also use Dropbox, but I also use Flickr. It's free and very good, it can also link to Facebook. You can have a look at mine if you like, user name is bloody-ell. When I was joining up I got so frustrated selecting a name I just implusively typed that.

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I enjoy Gardenstew.com also. I had years worth of photos stored there and keep a little blog there also. Pretty simple format though.

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jclay321(Z6 NY)

I moved my blog to squarespace.com and added a gallery or two to the regular blog posts. Love the idea of having the blog as my journal and the gallery as my photo book. I sorted pics by season. I also added a few garden tours to another gallery. Let me know what you think?


Here is a link that might be useful: Hamptons Garden blog/galleries

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I just took a look at your Hamptons garden site, jclay. Beautiful pictures. Looking at some of the picture galleries and blogs is inspiring me to start my own.

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quirkpod(7 Lewisville NC)

I have settled in nicely at http://www.snapfish.com and now consider it my garden blog, consisting of captioned pics. I could not use any of the suggestions above due to having to either download software or update my browser to use them. Thanks for trying. It has been a good learning experience and now I can carry on a conversation when others telling me about their blogs.

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