Birthday Cake Plant???

punkin61February 12, 2009

My mom has passed away and while clearing out her kitchen cabinets, I found an envelope. She wrote Birthday Cake on the outside of the envelope and inside there are tiny round black seeds. I have tried searching the internet, that didn't work as there are so many sites selling cakes or sending flowers. I work in a greenhouse and sell the flowers at our Farmer's Market (it's huge). I know that when we start our spring plantings next week, I'm going to plant some of the seeds. I am just really curious.

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I have never heard of such a plant. It should be fun to put those in the ground and see what turns up. At the very least, a memory will grow I'm sure.

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There is a heucherella named "birthday cake" .

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Two things occur to me...she just popped the seeds in an available envelope that just happened to have 'Birthday Cake' written on the outside, I have done that thinking I would remember what the seeds were.....or perhaps they are black poppy seeds. There is a Poppy Seed Cake that is quite delicious.

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