Summer 05 photos

springa7(z5 MA)February 19, 2006

This is just an assortment of plant photos from 2005, some of them aren't technically garden photos -

Part of Mom's flower garden around the base of a red maple tree -

Hostas and other plants in a sunlit patch -

Goldenrod bloom attended by insects in a field near Tower Hill Botanical Garden near Worcester, Massachusetts -

A branch of a mulberry tree growing wild along the edge of a field near my house (I'm not sure what type of mulberry it is) -

Common milkweed in flower, surrounded by wild grapes, from the edge of a field near my house -

Dragonfly perched on the end of a stick at the edge of a garden in Old Sturbridge Village, Sturbridge, Massachusetts -

African violet blooming in the dining room at home - it produced a couple of flowers the previous summer, but this was the first time that it bloomed more heavily -

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

What a pretty setting for the African Violet.
Thank you for doing thumbnails. For some reason GardenWeb is being slow even on high speed connection.

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springa7(z5 MA)

I used to do full sized photos because Picturetrail didn't have the thumbnail links and I was never able to get text links to work on this site.

The African Violet doesn't get as much sun there as it would probably like during the winter months, but all the south-facing windows are already taken by quite a few other plants. In the summer, it gets sunlight late in the afternoon and seems to like that. The whole plant tilts at an almost 45 degree angle towards where the sunlight comes in!

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Hi! Nice pics. Tell your Mom I love her garden, so show us some more. I'm beginning to wonder if waht I thought was native milkweed is or not. Mine doesn't look like yours-Iy smell also, but had so many butterflies on it and grows everywhere-blooms late summer-Fall. I'll try to get a pic this year and see if Y'all can figure it out. Back to picture dreaming for me. Ginger

Here is a link that might be useful: Ginger's Flower Garden

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