Spring Fever anyone???

janetsplanet1953February 21, 2007

Decided to jump in and share some photos. Its cold and rainy here now and I'm sure ready for some sun.

JerrieDee your garden is amazing!

Heres a look at what I do for fun. Many more photos to upload someday of summer splendor.


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OH MY, your front yard garden with rose arbor is goregous !!
You also have the best looking rose collection that I've ever seen, and they look so healthy too, (I'm sooo jealous).
I'm also really taken with your osteoperum and nemesia combo,they look great together.Keep up the great work, I love what you do for fun !!

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Loved your flower pics!!! Those were wonderful. Looks just like a cottage garden, and I love that you have so many annuals. I love annuals! I bet it is a virtual heaven for Chibi, so many places to wander and stalk and hide. My kitties wish our yard was that built up! Getting spring fever here also! So are the kitties! They enjoy the flowers we do have. Thanks for sharing! It put a smile on my face.

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Thank you Jerrie and Hoptownracer. I'm adding alot more photos as we speak. Rainy cold weather and can't play outside much yet so will FINALLY have my garden photos from past 2 years since I got a digital camera in one place.

This property had not one single plant on it when I bought it in 1996. A labor of love and lots of sweat and $ for sure but I'm obsessed and love every day spent out there.

Check it out in a few days for the updates. This takes forever!! I hope I never let my photo files get so far behind.

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Hi I was just looking at your pics and wanted to find out what kind of fertilizer do you use?? Your plants are amazingly happy. Thanks

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To iovemygarden:
Of course I took lots of those rose shots during the first bloom in early spring before the bad guys arrive. My garden gets the usual plights of the dreaded rusty roses, black spot and some mildew at times but I've tried to choose mostly disease resistant varieties so its not too bad. Last year was year 10 in my garden and the rust was soooo bad due to such a wet winter that I broke down and sprayed and hope to never do that again. The smell and the fuss with the dam pump sprayer about sent me over the edge. It seemed to help but I've gotten by this long without it and my garden thrives so I hope to try and stay away from it.

As far as fertilizers go I've been most impressed recently with the Dr. Earth products but its hard to afford with a garden this large. I use EB Stone products, fish emulsion, alfalfa pellets, some osmocote, and Wriggly Wranch liquid from my worm farm, and granular Master 49r. So, a little of this and a little of that. Gonna try foliar spray this year with Maxsea after a friend advised it can really help cut down on rose disease. If a rose becomes too disease proned it gets the shovel.

Last year Golden Showers and Bewitched got just that.

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sheryl_ontario(Muncho Lake, BC z2)

That mullain is impressive! It grows wild here on the roadsides but I've never seen one that big and beautiful!

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flowergrandma(9 Central California)

I love all your photos. You have beautiful pots on a deck. Do you know the color of the paint on the wall. It is a perfect color to show off the plants?

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sorry this took so long. I've not visited as I went back to work....
the color is kelly moore ''Villita''. I agree. It does set off the plants well. My painter suggested this green and at first I balked then ended up liking it alot.

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juanital(5b/6a OH)

Hey Janet...that's a little piece of heaven....I relly like the nigellas, poppies-foxgloves and those sweet pesa are marvelous-haven't had much luck like yours...but I think I'm going to try your set-up...your good hard work is really paying off...I'm clearing out the dead annuals (mostly Balsam Impatiens which so self seeds readily...Most of them have gone to seed)...It's such great satisfaction-he end results...Wonderful--Labor of love and accomplishment!


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ladychroe(z6 NJ)

Janet, what is the name of this pink nasturtium? I have been looking for a true pink one and that sure looks pink to me. Is the photo's color accurate?

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For Juanita: Thank you and your early morning shot of your upper garden is just beautiful. What state are you in?

Ladychroe: Regarding the pink nasturtium question. Yes thats true the color. Those pansy flowers are absolutely so true to color they are jumping off the page. My Nikon digital does a really really good job on the colors. I sow so many different nasturtium seeds as the seed packets often catch my eye and curiosity and I do this all most all year round. When I run across it again I'll let you know. It could very well have been Rene's Seeds or Botantical Interests as I use both of them often.

Hopefully I'll post up some 2007 garden shots this winter. Had a great garden after enjoying an entire year off from work in 2006. Back to work now though as I was getting spoiled with all the free gardening time. And poor.

Good news is I went to work in a flower market. Yay!

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juanital(5b/6a OH)

Hi Janet...I'm in NE OH...and thanx for comment on upper garden...

Working in a flower market? Wow...I know where your paycheck will be going...LOL...


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For Ladychroe regarding the question about the pink nasturtium in the photo: would bet it is from Botantical Interest Seed company , cherry rose jewel. Saw the seed packet in the store yesterday and remembered.

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GawdinFever(z5b/St. Louis, MO)

DSCN0891.jpg What is this???

Your garden is the prettiest I've seen in a long time!!!
Thank you so much for sharing!!!


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I was feeling a bit under the weather today so decided to look around the sites to see what i may have missed.Am so glad i did.Your gardens are the most beautiful i've seen in a very long time.

You have so many beautiful roses and other plants and flowers and the combinations you've put together are awesome.

Love that big tall Jewel plant,actually i didn 't see anything that i didn't like.
Thank you so much for sharing with all of us.

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To Susanne and Kathy. Thank you for the nice compliments.
Re: plant question... that is simply a red
gerbera with some nice sunlight. I need to update my photos. My roses are in full bloom and some have amazed me this year with tons of healthy happy new growth. My Golden Celebration rose is 7 ft by 7ft with flowers bottom to top. Must get photos soon. Sombrueil is in her 8th year
and the prettiest thing I've ever seen or smelled. Chinatown is outstanding and almost on her own at 10ft by
7 ft wide with hundreds of flowers as well. First Kiss is gigantic as well! Barbara Whorl is on the North side of
house and gets only early am and late late afternoon sun
so she is much darker pink then the ones I've seen at
other full sun gardens. Climbers Renae have literaly thousands of buds waiting to open in about a week. Another favorite was and is Norwich Castle. Wow. I love this garden. Thank you Mother Nature and thank you to my dear
dear Mom who passed way last month after a 5 year battle with Alzheimers. She and my grandma gave me these green thumbs.

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Stunning!!! Thanks for sharing looking at your garden made my day :)

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cowabunga1(Zone 6)

Wow!... Those are truly amazing to look at. Wish I could see your garden in person! I have never heard of or seen a "verbascum". Where can I get one - especially one that looks like yours? Thanks for letting us look.


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Hi Sam: The Verbascum was bought from Annies Annuals about 6 years ago. She has an online catalog that is
great and I hear great mail order service and quality. There are several varieties and I'm
not sure which that is. It's been a conversation piece
for sure. There are weedy invasive ugly plants in that
family that grow wild along highways but this one is

I hope to update my photos soon because the garden has
matured and changed alot past 3 years. Especially
the Eden and Jean la Joi climbing rose arbor. Jean La Joi
is all the way to the top intertwined with Eden! I took
lots of pictures just need to take the time to work on
the computer but I'd rather play outside.

Thanks for the nice compliment but oh my I've seen so
many more gorgeous gardens here on this forum it makes my head spin. I appreciate the inspiration received from those folks.

Take care,

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I am thoroughly enjoying your garden pic's. Truly INSPIRATIONAL!! Thank you so much for sharing!

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