Building A retaining wall for garden, have a question/problem

rickstangMarch 8, 2010

Hi Everyone, I already purchased all my stones for my small retaining wall. I was going to just do one layer in the front and 2 layers on the side since the side is sloppier especially towards the back.

My question is that the max I can go is 2 rows high on the side because of the AC Unit you see pictured. 2 rows high is about 8-9 inches. That will bring it up so it's at the bottom of the AC unit.

I think I'll at least need 3 rows high on the side so that it can meet with the single row in the front of the house. If I do two rows, I don't think it'll work.


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It can work. Just start on the back corner of the house. Run your 2 bottom rows into the ground as the ground slopes up. You should have one continous row on top that goes from the back all the way around to the front of the house. I put in a foundation of #8 limestone about 8" deep and use one row of patio block.

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pippi21(Z7 Silver Spring, Md.)

I'd like to do this to one flowerbed I just created, but I'm running into poured concrete next to foundation of sunroom. What soil I added when I created this flowerbed has settled and then me stepping on the mulch to get to the darn thistles to dig them up hasn't helped. I was thinking of starting some type of border around that flowerbed, but will run into roots from a hugh maple tree that has been there for 35 yrs. when the area was built. There's nothing I can do to the roots of that tree. It belongs to the Mutual we live in. I was thinking of starting the back of the flowerbed with some type of pavers like you have, starting where the poured concrete from the sunroom begins, which would leave a small space between the pavers and the sunroom foundation. Can you forsee any problems I might encounter with this idea? The original owner used pressure treated landscape timbers on the side of the house where all the hydrangeas are planted. Maybe I should stick with that. Wouldn't they cost less, but I want it to look attractive and not have to worry about any termites. But buying the pressure treated landscape timbers, I shouldn't have to worry about termites, right? I could also plant flowers that would cascade over the edge of the landscape timbers to make it more attractive, right? I have a vision in my head, not to get it to work! My husband and I have put down landscape timbers before at our former home and I feel sure we can do the same here. Don't know if we have to get Mutual approval or not. Another idea was to buy the white scalloped pavers like are in front flowerbeds. Which would be less work and less expensive?

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