Rose rebirth

flower.girl.bynatureMarch 11, 2014

I was given a single stemed yellow rose on valentines day . I didn't have a vase at the time so I places the rose in a water bottle filled with filtered watered. I was too lazy to throw the rose out when I noticed it had started dying. I was doing some cleaning over this past weekend and went to go pick up the bottle when I noticed the already dead rose had a growth on the stem as the picture shows. I've kept it in a well lit area but have not added anything to the bottle since the day I placed it inside. I'm excited at this point it appears to be a mini rose bush still growing on the side of the stem . I did however cut off the completely dead portion of the stem including the original rose . What is left is just the stem. I want it to continue to grow but I'm not sure if I should remove it from the water bottle or jus cut off the top so it could "spread it's wings". Can someone please give me some "green thumb" tips. I'd greatly appreciate it . Thanks in advance :)

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Here is another pic taken only 3 days after the 1st.. Awesome !!

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garden2garden(z8 FL)

That's pretty cool. Looks like it's in it's own little green house.

I've rooted roses before, but not in water, although I've heard of people doing it. It will eventually have to come out and into dirt, but I don't know being in water if it would be best to wait till there are roots showing, or not.

I just wanted to let you know there is a rose propagation forum on gardenweb, where you might try posting your question (or you can just make a post with a link back to here).

Also, up at the top right hand side of any gardenweb page is a search box. Search for "rooting florist roses" and you will find a whole bunch of older posts where you may find helpful info. Good luck. Donna

Here is a link that might be useful: rose propagation forum

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Alright thank you.. I'll check there . I've had a coworker tell me to just add some baby aspirin change the water and let it grow a little more. Another stated I should keep it in the bottle because it may just be accustom to the environment . I will find out thanks for the tip :)

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