Updated pictures as promised

kcmojoe(6)April 17, 2008

So I got some pics, but they were taken with my cell phone so the quality isnt all that. I do have a lot of work left to do, but i guess it is never over with.

Here is the first photo, it is an overall picture.

There is Naked Ladies (proper name?), the Garden Phlox you cant see yet, Hyacinths line the walkway, and there are liriopes along the patio with some Small clematis starting along the garage. The little leafy things you can see by the tree are Globemaster Alliums.

The bed you see here is brand new.... just awaiting the right time to plant some stuff. I am going to plant a couple banana trees, and looking for some other suggestions here. This patio faces south and gets half day sun (early morning)

This is along the wall adjacent to the garage wall. you can see my Sagae Hosta poking out and the rest are Globemaster Alliums. In between each are my Hostas in Waiting.

And last of all is my Clematis along the garage wall.

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wow! you did a good job it looks beauitful

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