All my Vegetable and Fruit Plant Pictures

Tashax0xApril 20, 2012

I'm so excited to share my pictures of my vegetable and fruit plants. I don't really have any gardening friends and my boy friend isn't really interested in my gardening excitement. So come take a look, i just created a website to keep track of my progress...

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I actually bookmarked your site to keep track on your progress. It feels really amazing watching those plants grow with all those varieties. I am excited on your Blueberry. Happy Gardening!

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I have a garden blog as well! Your plants look amazing! I'm a little behind you in terms of planting. Most of mine are winter sown flowers. My tomatoes are happy though. Most of the veggies only got planted last week. I hear your pain. My friends co workers and boyfriend all get the glazed over look when I discuss gardening.

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