Greetings, here's my garden...

gemiknightApril 21, 2008

The weather in the Seattle area has been quite strange as of late. There have been brief 24 or 48 hour periods of snow in the last 2 weeks. My plants were begining to jump-start back to life but have since slowed their growth rate to almost nothing. Anyway, here are a few thumbnails I made...

front yard garden

driveway garden

collection of books and other reading material

current collection of tools - mostly freebies from friends

Obviously I haven't done too much work this season as the spring air temperatures have been rather unstable and cold lately. For both the driveway and frontyard garden, I intend to build mortared river rock walls which will convert them into raised beds. I also 3 more beds planned for the front yard garden. Feel free to offer any advice or ask questions. I'm new here. Mike out.

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botann(z8 SEof Seattle)

It's a start,but those rocks next to the driveway are ankle breakers for anybody stepping out of a car, especially at night. Also the rocks used as a border between the grass and flower bed doesn't work to limit the spread of grass into the bed. Other methods are preferred by experienced gardeners if only for esthetics.

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