Backyard Goldmine!!

ottoman68April 20, 2006

I didn't realize many common backyard flowers/plants were so valuable!

For instance: Irises

For my mother, I posted "free" Iris rhizomes / roots on our local freecycle board. They were snatched up instantly. Some woman even drove 50 miles to get some.

Then I realized that on EBAY, people are selling just one rhizome for $6-$8! EACH!! Are people smoking these things?? Is it the new "club drug" ?? LOL

WOW, my mom's backyard is like an oilfield. Full of poppies, irises, tiger lillies, daylillies, etc etc. Apparently people buy dried poppy pods/stems for near $1 a piece, for decoration, etc. man-o-man Im in the wrong business!! :)

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What a beautiful sight! I posted some aster on freecycle and people were rushing for them. Go figure.

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sheri(St. Louis/zn 6)


Probably sturdy, old-fashioned ones. Sometimes the new ones just don't cut it.

I commend both of you for offering them on freecycle. I hate to see lovely plants get composted. Luckily, I only have to put mine up at the busy street-corner and they're usually snatched within about 20 minutes.


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