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Ornery_Pony(7b)April 12, 2014

Testing to see if I can figure out how to upload a photo.

This is a shot of one of my shade gardens, this being a small section of a long, slender planting I have along the car port and driveway. Plants shown include Japanese Painted fern, Creeping Jenny, Strawberry Begonias, Sweet Violets, Woodland Phlox from my old mountain cabin, Southern Woodland Violets, probably some Dwarf Crested Iris and anemonies hidden in there, Tiger Lillies and other mixed lilies, hostas, and seedling columbines.

Other sections of the same bed include Osmunda ferns, digitalis, oxalis shamrocks, lady ferns, blood root, and chrysogonum virginianum (green and gold), among other odds and ends. As you can see, it's all spilling out into the gravel driveway edge and I'm happy to let it.

I'll post more photos once I figure out where I should put them for a personal gallery or something. Obviously I'm new to posting to this forum though I have read it for a few years now!

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Well, that worked! I'll post a few more to this thread while I'm here. Here is some of the newly transplanted Chrysogonum virginianum (green and gold) I just dug up and planted into that very same bed this morning out of the woods in my horse pasture. So cute!

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This is the vegetable garden out back. It doesn't look like much yet but everything is planted including 20 tomato plants and brocolli seedlings, for seeds coming up: nasturtium, dill, carrot, sweet corn, cucumber, pole beans, potatos, tomatillos, two kinds of onions, garlic, and jalapeno pepper plants. Several more things to go in yet.

Two herb beds out front have Greek oregano, rosemary, sage, chives, pinapple salvia, thyme, and other various things. I am in the process of moving the herbs to plant around the dog rose in the middle bed to make a knot garden and will convert the old herb beds for more vegetables. I have lots of flowers planted in the beds along the fence behind, as well as elsewhere.

Thank goodness for free mulch! This is very much still a garden section that is in progress. Blueberries, almond, red buds, dogwood, and peach all planted around the garden. Going to add a bench and rose arbor to the back right behind the center knot garden later. The larger raised beds shown here are 6 feet wide by 30 feet long, double dug deeply and much amended as Georgia red clay isn't much to garden in.

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More photos from today in the garden - varigated Solomon Seals in bloom! These have settled in so thickly I need to move some of them to a new location.

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One view of the back deck looking towards the art studio. Lots of cuttings and seedlings though more are in the studio inside. Blueberry in the bin in the right corner. Japanese Maple is now leafed out and hummingbirds are here.

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Another area of the back deck looking slightly towards the right where the white oak comes through the deck with another blueberry bush in front of it. Some of my coffee trees, bleeding hearts, strawberries, cyclamin, lilies, etc.

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ritmatt(GA 7b)

Beautiful photos. Your property and gardens are very nice!

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Very nice !!!! All !!!!

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