My first-try vegs & fruits pictures!

jodifromoregon(z5, central OR)May 28, 2008

Okay, not much to see so far, but here are pictures of my raised beds hubby built me a few weeks ago. I've done flowers since dirt was first invented, but this is my first try at edibles. :-)

First, my little Northsky blueberry, ordered just a few weeks ago. Doing well so far! I have two more miniature blueberries being shipped to me now.

And here are my raised beds hubby built me.

The strawberries are doing well so far:

More pics next post! :-)

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jodifromoregon(z5, central OR)

...and continuing with photos:

This second bed will have tomatoes, a red pepper, carrots, lettuces, rosemary, basil, and onions. Mostly just seeds and seedlings so far, other than the cherry tomato in the back left corner there (that one I bought potted, so there's a bit more growth visible):

And here's the back bed. That's a cuke in the "cage" on the right end, with 4 broccoli plants around 2 sides of it (and I'll plant more lettuces around the other 2 sides of it later on, as that area will be shaded, and our summers are generally pretty hot and dry). In the middle you can see 6 little corn stalks, and there are 6 more spots seeded on the other end.

...and here are my two little garden helpers, my girls Shady and Coco. :-)

Post your pics! I love seeing others' garden pics! :-)

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That's awesome!!! It looks great, I wish I had land like that so I could have a wonderful garden like you've got there. I've only got a balcony garden, but it's doing fine, considering it's my first year. I'm so excited! Here are pictures (I'm keeping a blog about it!): I don't know how to post pictures in the actual message on here, or I would (is it HTML?).

And I'm especially excited today because I just ate my first bowl of lettuce (which I also blogged about). It was delicious! So much better when it's so fresh!

Congratulations on your raised beds and new fruits and vegetables!

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jodifromoregon(z5, central OR)

Hey, that is a GORGEOUS balcony garden, and that salad looks scrumptious! :-)

And yup, I just used HTML to post the pics.

Thanks for the nice comments, too. :-) I can't wait to see all the seeds sprout and everything grow and develop. I know that first taste of whatever is ready for harvest first (looking like it will be a few strawberries) is gonna be SOOOO sweet. :-)

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Thanks! It's fun to have, and everyone thinks it's pretty humorous, considering my husband and I are just college kids (what the heck do they know about gardening? and... You can't grow an apple tree on a deck this size!). =)

Could you share the HTML code (how to do it)? I've tried looking it up, but all I see are HTML codes to embed in email. Do you host your pictures somewhere online to make it work?

Strawberries, yummm- I hope mine pull through. They've had a week of very hot temps suddenly spring upon them and didn't like it AT ALL. I am excited just like you, though. Lettuce is fun, but a fruit or vegetable would be heaven! =)

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jodifromoregon(z5, central OR)

I actually have my own web site (selling my hand-crafted goodies), so I host all my pics myself on my site. The HTML coding, just remove the asterisks (*) from below and insert the actual link you need for your images. I inserted the asterisks so that the coding would post here rather than a non-existent image trying to display:

So if your picture is hosted on and the image name is tomatoplant.gif, the link would look like this (but without the asterisks):

Hope that makes sense! If not let me know. :-)

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botann(z8 SEof Seattle)

I should do more veggie gardening, but I've allocated most of my space to ornamentals. Veggie gardening was a big thing on the farm where I grew up. My brother took care of the cows and I worked in the garden. Our Grandfather was the slave driver who cracked the whip. He always used to say, "If I can't eat it, I don't grow it. Flowers are for girls and women". Different generation.
I'm surprised I'm growing anything at all. Some of it must have rubbed off. The good part. :-)
Nice garden BTW!

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jodifromoregon(z5, central OR)

Thanks, botann. :-) I'd love to see pics of your gardens! :-)

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joytwo1839(z6 TN)

BEAUTIFUL GARDEN ! I wish mine was as neat, but alas, it's just thown out there . I am trying to figure out the cucumber thing now about trellis - we always just grew them on the ground. Apparently that's wrong so back to learning.

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jodifromoregon(z5, central OR)

I don't think it's "wrong" to let your cukes grow on the ground, just one of a few ways of doing it is all. I got myself a really cool book and have also been reading up on various web sites, and apparently a trellis/caging is just another way you can do cukes. Since I had some of the cheap wire "fencing" stuff laying around anyway, I just folded 3 sections to make a "cage" for mine, mostly to conserve on space since my raised beds are only 4' x 8'. :-)

Post YOUR pictures, Folks! :-) I love looking at other people's garden pictures!

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Thanks for the help with the picture posting... I'm going to give it a try here:

Let's see how that works- should show a picture of the columbine I am growing (not a vegetable, but pretty nonetheless!).

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Guess not, ha ha! Sorry about that- I wrote:

(I did take out the asterisks, though. Just added them here.) I grabbed the picture location by right clicking on it, going to properties and highlighting "location". Hmmm... oh well.

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