Some May 2009 Landscape Pics

sophiesmom08May 26, 2009

I just purchased a new camera so I thought I would walk around the property and take some pics of different landscaped areas, just for fun. Many of the daylilies and other perennials have not bloomed, yet.

Hydrangea by the "Knockouts"

One of my favorite areas near the retaining walls.

The squirrel in the birdbath.

Peonies, Knockout Roses,Daylilies, and other perennials waiting to bloom

Urn with Ivy and Flowers spilling over

Sophie Guards the Back Porch

Backyard area (disregard downed trees in far right) We're still cleaning up from the January 09 ice storm.

Old Iron Kettle was found on the curve side and saved by me. The pansies and dayliles appreciate the home.

View from my bedroom window.

"Chester" the Bassett Hound keeps watch at the corner of house

A view of the homestead from the road. Early evening shadows.

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Your flowers, landscaping and yard are just beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks wood nymph. I usually post on the Home Forum, but once the weather gets pretty the outside of my house is by far my favorite. I hope others will share their comments and pics of their landscaped areas.

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Thank you so much for sharing. It looks as if you put a lot of love into your gardens. Now that the weather is finally cooperating it would be wonderful to see the results of everyone's winters dreams in the form of lots and lots of pictures.

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Thanks for the kind comments citytransplant. I do love working in the yard. Please others, share your photos pleeesse...

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