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carrieanne_22May 27, 2007

wanted to give the suggestions vela75 gave me for uploading photos a shot & figured this would be the perfect venue for my test run. keeping my fingers crossed...


when we moved into this crappy lil place almost two years ago, there was already this hole on the southwest (think i've got that right) side of the house with nothing but what i've just learned today (here at gardenweb) is a red yucca, hesperaloe parviflora . this spring when the yucca started blooming, i hated it & got a wild hair to start this 'beginner's' garden. i was so proud we finally had color!

pic #2

the garden as it looks today! this took off with such abundance that it prompted me to start a rapidly growing container garden with new plants finding homes almost every weekend. now my son has even been helping me pot new ones & deadhead the old when necessary. all this just because of that yucky yucca (which i love to death now)!

let's see, did the finger crossing help?

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I just love your little flower bed. You did a great job. I also love your enthusiasm, the flower bug has definitely bitten another unsusecting soul. Weclome to the club ! Hope you periodically post more pics as your garden grows. Keep up the good work !

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The first one is nice, but the second picture is a little bit to dark. Just try another daytime. Best is in the morning or evening.

Here is a link that might be useful: - nature photographer

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