Purchased Blue Hill Salvia but blooms are pink?

MrsWhat(5a)May 25, 2013

Hi, First time gardener here... I was wondering if anyone knows of Blue Hill Salvia turning pink if the soil quality isn't good? I thought the pot may have been labeled wrong, because I wanted blue but it looks pretty pink to me! I was told by an employee at Home Depot that my soil would need Lime added to it? Its too late now because it will not change back, but I am just so upset about it and I need to know. Thank you for responding. Sincerely, Melissa W

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Check the pH. Be careful about adding lime. It solves problems, but it can be overdone. Remember: Lime is used to make concrete and mortar. If you use too much of it your garden...

There are other...friendlier... ways to "adjust the pH in a garden" bed. In this case, google is your friend. Cut and paste the phrase in the quotes in the previous sentence to your search engine and have a look around.

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