cucumber and melon issues

steve_in_los_ososJune 10, 2012

I just harvested my first cucumber today but I am not happy with the appearance of some of the plants. These started out as seeds in a greenhouse, migrated to beds under row covers and then emerged from the row covers when they started blooming. At first I thought this might be some sort of fungus as it was pretty damp at times under the row cover. Now I don't know what I've got:

The second issue is with melons growing in my small greenhouse. I tried this last year with good success but so far this year all of my plants look pretty sad. The growing tip is fine but in short order lower leaves are affected:

(growing tip)

(lower leaves)

The melons are growing in containers (just like last year) so the "soil" is new.

Any ideas?

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howelbama(7 NJ)

Looks like maybe a nutrient issue. What is you fertilizing and watering schedule like?

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The greenhouse melons are hand-watered as needed (I check every day) and once a week are watered with a dilute liquid fert., approx. 5-10-10.

The cucumbers are on a drip system, watered along with all the other vegetables every 3 days. The soil was prepared ahead of planting with a low dose of 15-15-15 and at each plant spot some complete organic fertilizer mix was dug in.

I'm using the same fertilizing routine with other outside melons, squash and tomatoes and none of them are showing the symptoms displayed by the cucumbers. The picture does not show it but there are other cucumber plants nearby in the same bed which are slowly being trellis trained (the pictured ones are bush-form Spacemaster) and they do not seem to show this problem--yet.

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howelbama(7 NJ)

Hmmm, it kind of looks like a magnesium or calcium deficiency or some other micronutrient issue. Do the ferts you are using include micronutes ?

I'm not sure though, hopefully someone else will chime in and provide more thoughts.

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Yes, the ferts definitely have Mg/Ca as well as micronutrients. The in-ground beds are treated with a "starter" mixture of the low-dose 15-15-15 plus gypsum, borax, and a commercial micronutrient mix at the beginning of each season. The organic fert. that's used on a plant-by-plant basis also contains the commercial micronutrient mix along with kelp meal.

The liquid fert. used in the greenhouse setting is a complete hydroponic mix which includes micros (but I'm not growing hydroponically).

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

The melons lower leaves show a severe water shortage. Stick your finger into the media-- is it wet or dry? -- both can cause a water shortage because roots don't function up to par.

The goal is evenly moist media.

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