What eats marigolds?

srg215(6b nj)June 21, 2012

I have some marigolds planted throughout my garden and a bunch that was near my Zukes looks to have been munched on a lot. It was all foliage, no blooms on the marigolds yet anyway, but wondering what bug eats marigolds

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Lots of them. Japanese beetles will fly from the next county for them.

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Grew marigolds for my chickens last year - but, nope, they didn't eat them at all - not even a nibble. The Japanese beetles seemed to prefer asparagus ferns. The marigolds did fine all summer and they grew an unbelievable 4 ft. tall. Must have been a special variety? ? But, the package didn't say so and was purchased at a grocery store

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Rabbits. Woodchucks. Earwigs.

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slugs... all night long

I know it's frustrating to have them munched, but on the bright side your zucchini were untouched.

I purposely plant flowers or trap crops to lure pests from my other plants.
Nasturtium - black aphids
Dahlia & marigold - slugs

I figured it out by accident when they were eaten 1st. Then I changed my purpose for those flowers, so I'm not too discouraged when they get eaten and my vegetables are untouched. When the plants get past that seedling stage they usually can withstand a little slug nibbling. A little nibbling makes the plants more bushy & I sometimes even them up a bit with a scissor. When I get blooms it is pleasant surprise.

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Slugs will devour a whole pot of Marigolds over night.

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Slugs and Earwigs

I just came in from an earwig patrol of my marigolds and I killed quite a few. I don't have slugs but I have plenty of earwigs. I have a great earwig catcher recipe but with the number I have it needs a little help hence the earwig patrol after dark with a flashlight and my Bug X

This is the recipe and it's the best earwig control I've tried yet. It even gets millipedes and 1 cut worm got into mine the other day. You have to change the bait every week or 2 but it's cheap and works.

Bait for Earwigs.
Equal parts of soy sauce, cooking oil and (molasses or corn syrup). The molasses or syrup is bait to attract them--the oil doesn't allow them to crawl back out and the salt in the soy sauce finishes them off and makes the mixture dark so they think it is just a hole. Put it in a small container� I use those small scoops from laundry soap and place a stone on top but you can use any small container even the bottom of a soda or water bottle and anything for a lid. Cover 1/2 inch of the bottom of the container with the mixture and bury it up to the brim in the soil where you have a problem with them. Prop a lid over it so it doesn't get diluted by rain and so it is a nice dark place for them to hide for the day--ha. When you prop the lid, leave a small space for them to crawl into the container. You might have to wait a couple of days for it to work, but the first time I tried it I used a baby food bottle and it was full to the brim with little grey baby earwigs the next morning. I was surprised at just how many I did get. Try it. It really works

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