My mom's and my Michigan woods garden

qarl(zone 5)May 10, 2009

Living in the woods and growing a garden is difficult sometimes, there are many things we can't grow because of the short season and lack of much direct sunlight. However we do pretty good even considering the amount of animals and other pests we have to deal with.

Here's a shot of some of last years harvest:

Here's some seedlings we have under indoor grow-lights:

Here's a shot of our rather empty garden currently. (It's early for Michigan):

Here's some shot of some stuff coming up outside. We use row covers to keep out pests and because it still gets pretty cold here at night.

This is mostly peas and several different kinds of lettuce:

This is cilantro, Italian parsley, snow peas, radishes, and Kohlrabi:

This is arugula, red onions, leeks, and many different kinds of greens and microgreens:

Here's our compost piles:

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