Identify this please...

wademorris(Z6 Cent NJ)June 28, 2005

Im going to post this in a coupla forums because I have to know...please dont be offended if you see it elsewhere.



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Carrie_AZ(9/10 AZ)

This plant is Lantana. This plant does really well in the heat, it likes moist soil but it is drought tolarant, it likes full sun but will grow in semi-shade. Pinch off the old flowers to promote new flower growth. After the spent flowers the plant will produce a berry like growth that is toxic.The leaves have a basil like smell when crushed. This plant does really well here in Arizona in the summer it is really about the only thing that will grow in the heat of the summers.

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If you don't cut it back, it will come back. If you cut the roots, which are woody, then when it rains/snows, it could rot the roots. Please, someone, correct me if I am wrong, but mine come back and i was told never to cut them down. Carrie630

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reneehorn(8b La)

it absolutly is lantana. I have 3 in my garden. some are groundcover type and others up right. I do nothing to maintain mine except cut back to about 3" of stick showing and cover with soil and/or mulch when the weather turns real cold, however, this is not necessary. My friends bloomed all winter last winter (louisiana) I even have one that was on my property when i purchased it that is growing inbetween two trees so it is in constant shade. But they are poisionous, so keep kids and pets away from the temptation to nibble on it. You can grow more from cuttings so have lots of fun.

hope this helps

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Looks like Confetti Latana.

Here is a link that might be useful: Confetti Lantana

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wademorris(Z6 Cent NJ)

But will it overwinter in Zone 6b?

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I love this plant. It is grown as an annual here. Is there anyway to keep it?

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inthegarden_k(z7 NC)

don't cut it back in the fall. when you see new growth in the spring (very late) you can cut back. it is certainly worth a try. rot is the chief thing that kills hardy lantana, so you don't want to cut it back in fall (cutting back would allow water into the crown).

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rivers1202(Z8a South Carolina)

The new lantana hybrids don't get berries on them and are 'ever-blooming' - meaning it blooms all season without deadheading. They'll die back to the ground in zones that get frost, but should re-appear from the roots in the spring. I have two of the newer hybrids which don't require deadheading for continuous summer bloom. However, I do have one of the older lantanas that gets berries and the berries have to be removed or it will stop producing flowers early in the season.

And yes, leave the bare canes intact after the foliage dies back - when new growth appears in the spring, it is safe to prune out the old canes.

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I also grow this,and here in S.Calif it blooms almost all year long and thrives on neglect.The first time DH cut it down,i told him i was going to divorce him if it didn't come back.LOL Lucky for him it came back wonderfully well.


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