June 1 garden

all50June 3, 2013

We moved here 4 years ago, cut down tons of trees, and I started. The fenced gardens were planted 3 years ago, the patio and stone wall were part of an addition last spring. The patio beds were planted then, and the border behind was last fall, and the little annual bed I made and planted a few weeks ago! I cleared and dug out all the beds. Amended the soil, moved tons of rocks, yes built low walls with them, and started planting. I found plants everywhere, bring them back from vacation, buying them on sale after bloom..bought a lot from Home Depot, even all the boxwood! Tried to not spend a fortune, which I still did even being very frugal! 7 hour days for months each spring and fall was well worth it! Fall list has started for corrections and new ideas!

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You've good reason to be proud of all of that. It is, all of it, *absolutely* beautiful.

You did good!

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Whoa!!! Insane!!!! looks like a proper English garden in some spots, well done!!

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Dutch iris and endless summer hydrangea

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Absolutly Beautiful!

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woh very very beautiful garden

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i like the brickwork walls and slabs. Clean look :)

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