how do i post a picture?

rottiman40(Ottawa)June 1, 2010

Hi, it's been awhile, I forgot how to post a picture.Could someone help me please.

Image link:

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Picture posting has been driving me nuts as well. How do some of you get these big beautiful pictures in the body of your posts? All the instructions address is how to set up a link. Doesn't the picture exceed the maximum when in-text?

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I upload my photos to there, to the right, there is the option "link to this photo"...under "select size" i choose large or medium...then under "embed image" I highlight and copy the the garden blog, i paste that code into the same box I type text i want to post. When you preview or submit your post, that code will turn into your photo. repeat the steps above for each photo you want to post. other photo sites probably have a similar process. hope this helps!

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I already have my pictures on Picasa. Are there some steps different from what you have done?

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are you seeing the "link to this photo" option at right? if not, you are not logged in...once you log in and see "link to this photo" you should be able to follow the steps above...

don't know of another way to embed photos from picasa.

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juanital(5b/6a OH)

I can instruct for Photobucket-if/or you have a photobucket account upload your pics there. Copy/paste the html code (not email or img codes) for your pic and insert into the message box here. That will put your pics in your message...

Just a little more info-when you upload to PB, under the upload box there's an option button-this will give the different sizes you wish to have, that is if you haven't resized before you upload...

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