A pair of slippers...

joanmnJune 28, 2006

showy lady slippers, Minnesota's state flower. In 57 years, I had never seen them, except in pictures. We went to a state recreation area AND a state park in northern MN where they were in bloom. They were such a thrill to see!

(For Minnesotans...Big Bog State Rec. Area and Scenic State Park).

Differnt view:

Ditch full of them:

And a close-up.

Sony DSC-H1.

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rcnaylor(z7 Tex)

A two'fer! Great photos and some education.

I had sure never seen or heard of them before. Really pretty plants and photos. Thanks Joan.

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I'm a fellow Minnesotan. I've seen lots of cypripedium acaule, but never C. reginae in the wild (saw one once in a garden)--how beautiful, and how wonderful for you.

I've been to Big Bog but not at the right time to see this lovely orchid. When did you see them and snap those great pics? I think it would be well worth the trip to see them in person.

I'm so happy you posted these pictures,


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Kate, we were at Big Bog June 14. The lady slippers were at the north unit, along the county road on the left (if you were north-bound) just before you turned into the north unit, and then along that dirt road on the left, within view of the county road or highway.
They were in plain sight, some within a foot or 2 of the road.

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silverkelt(Z5b/Southern Maine)

They are wonderful, I have seen many in maine a few dozen probable, but not so many together at once. I have had them growing in my yard. But they dont seem to be long lived.

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Lovely photos.....not too far from my neck of the woods.

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nankeen(z8b Portland OR)

Beautiful form of the flower. And lovely photos of that form :-)

They are very long lived: Plants are considered functionally immortal, barring no change in their chosen habitats. Garden culture can be trying, but favorable conditions can be reached with practice. Don't give up on them.


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The blooms don't last long. But I guess they don't even bloom until they're 17 or so, amazing, huh?

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