Backyard panorama.....

HerbJune 17, 2005

.....on a damp, grey day - June 17. The rhododendrons are just about over, the Compassion Rose is blooming, so are some bright red volunteer poppies & we're waiting for the Lucifer Crocosmias - they'll be a brilliant red too.

The little clump of bamboo at the far right is Phyllostachys nigra, planted a few weeks ago. I'm hoping it'll grow a lot bigger, because the neighbours on the other side of the fence may soon extend their house - and that'll mean that they'll have to remove their Cedar hedge trees and a huge Douglas Fir, that casts a lot of shade, a bit further to the left.

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flowergirl_VA(z7 VA)

You do realize that you're going to cause a spasm of garden envy amongst us over your black bamboo? ;-)

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Your back yard is beautiful. I love the rock edgings and everything is so tidy. Wonderful plantings.

I was delighted to see you used a Canon S1-IS. I have been considering this camera, especially for bird shots. The panorama feature was really nice.

Maybe I can persuade DH that we really, really need this camera! I will show him your pictures.



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Vikki1747(z8 VA)

Herb, Flowergirl is right, I have always lusted after Black Bamboo but was afraid it would take over the yard. Your place is lovely. Your pictures are always a treat. Vikki

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Thanks! I was a bit concerned that it might send runners out, so I cut the top off a big, 3 foot high drum made of strong, thick plastic (it was originally a container for some sort of food sold in bulk) and sank it into the ground, about 2 feet deep, and planted the bamboo in it.

But the plant I'm really going to have to keep an eye on may be some Bishop's Gout Weed that I begged from next door. It makes a very good-looking, low, ground cover, but everybody else tells me I've made a terrible mistake & that I'll never get rid of it........


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Kim_Morris(z5 Cda)

Herb, Your garden is so beautiful. It gets better every year. I just had to pop in to sneak a peek. My advice. Go out today and get rid of the gout weed. It will even penetrate concrete paving stones. It is a lovely plant and there is a space for it in some gardens. Generally it should be used under trees with large canopies where there is lots of space - borders no other gardens and nothing else will grow. If you keep it - DO NOT LET IT GO TO SEED.

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Kim -


I think I'll try to prevent the Goutweed going to seed...... what time of year does it go to seed?


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tropicalfreak(z10b Ft Lauderdale)

love the rock around the tree,,,,what kind of rock did you use??

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I take it you mean the grey-blue, rounded, fist-size gravel? I went to a local sand & gravel business (they supply various grades of rock for construction, road-making etc.) and they let me go & root in the bunker where they heap medium-sized gravel - I think they call it 'river rock' - & I picked out a supply of the darkest stones I could find. I think I paid about $5 for it.


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Baykapple(5b-East Canada) Goutweed (Bishop's cap)........I saw a tree surrounded by goutweed.........and it was gorgeous..........This was on a huge front lawn.......and the tree was toward the road.......a good distance from the foundation plantings around the house.........I found out wwhat the plant was......and bought it at the Nursery........I planted in my backyard with other shurbs...mistake!!......well, the goutweed spreads by underground runners and it twists around neighboring is insidious.........very difficult to contain........If it was by itself, as I first saw it, it is very nice......but with other plants out......keep a close eye on it........or best yet, heed the previous advice....pull it out...plant a hosta...

BTW.......your garden is lovely!!
All the best.

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All these forecasts of doom are starting to worry me! Does Roundup kill Goutweed? I keep a supply of Roundup, & I've found that some things seem immune to it: others, like Jupiter's Beard (Centranthus ruber) die after the smallest whiff of it.

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I would remove it now unless you enjoy digging neighboring plants, soaking all the soil off the roots. I've known area gardeners to use Roundup , but still have the plant emerge due to the roots having traveled a long distance.
The local horticultural organizations will not accept any plant for donation if goutweed is in the pot! That says it all.

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flowersandthings(MidAtlantic 6/7)

I love your gate with the roses nearby. :)

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