A better pic of 'Hillside Black Beauty'

juliaw(7b/Sunset 5 -- PNW)June 13, 2006

This is very bright (though indirect) light. In true shade -- the kind you get on a sunny day -- it looks almost black.

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juliaw(7b/Sunset 5 -- PNW)

Well, I think everyone's gotten a good look -- I'll move this one down.

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julia, that is gorgeous - I really like cimcifugas, especially the dark ones. How old is yours, and can you post a photo if/when it flowers?

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Eliza_ann_ca(zone 6 ont ca)

Outstanding color combination!

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Nice looking mulch you have there, too... seriously. lol. I just noticed yesterday that my cimcifugas are already setting their flower buds this year. I don't keep records, but it seems kind of early, doesn't it?

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Nice picture, and I like the contrast with the green (I'm guessing) astilbe leaves. Is that netting I see holding down your mulch? I do that in areas where squirrels and other critters always seem to dig, or on slopes where rain washes the mulch away.

dee can, I agree with you. My cimicifugas have budded up at least a month and a half (or more) early, as have many other of my usual later flowering plants. Another strange but interesting gardening year.


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kms, it's interesting to know I'm not alone in the early budding of my cimicifugas. Another reason I love them (besides how nice they look) are they attract bees, and they smell great.

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