HAVE: curcubits, legumes, herbs

silversprockit(5)August 4, 2012

seeds i have collected this month:

salt and pepper cucumber- compact high producer

minnesota midget canteloupe- compact early producer


moonbeam yarrow

buttercrunch lettuce

purple aster

sparky mix marigold

extra seeds packaged for this season:

(sealed in ziploc bags and kept in fridge)

royalty purple bush bean- fabulously purple

cherokee yellow wax bush bean

little marvel shell pea- compact

i also have rooted tomato cuttings available

i'm open to interesting herbs(especially medicinal), flowers, and vegetables. i grow year round in a hot house so season is not so much of an issue

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I am interested in salt and pepper cuke .
What are you looking for ?
I have some flower, veggie to swap .
Please, let me know .

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Hi there! I am interested in your salt and pepper cucumber, your minnesota midget melon and your buttercrunch lettuce. I have plenty of beans and herbs for trade in my trade list. Please have a look and let's work out a trade! Thank you! :)

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pinusresinosa(MN Z4)

I have some heavily stratified mormon tea (ephedra nevadensis) ready to go (about ten seeds give or take a couple either way, I didn't count them right out of the package and I already had several germinate and are growing on now) and lots of fenugreek. I am very interested in your aster and yarrow seeds.

Let me know! Thank you.

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zzackey(8b GA)

What kind of herbs do you have? I'm mainly looking for medicinal ones and cilantro. I have holy basil, feverfew and catnip.

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