Common Milkweed...[p]

tngreenthumb(z6 TN)July 8, 2005

A rather inglorious name for the flower that is the favored host of the Monarch butterfly. These have popped up in several places on our new lot. Hopefully I'll get a chance to catch a few of the monarch's in action soon.

Meanwhile, a Japanese beetle and a crew of ants are checking everything out, making sure it's ready for the Monarchs. (And probably nibbling on the tender bits...)

Asclepias syriaca

*By the way, that flower head is about 3 inches in diameter.*

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nanahanna(a8 AR)

Oooh! I love milkweed! That is pretty!

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tngreenthumb(z6 TN)

nanahanna: Glad you liked it. Hopefully the Monarchs will be about when I stop back by this afternoon.

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I think they are one of the prettiest wildflowers there are.

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tngreenthumb(z6 TN)

Joan: I have these and Asclepias tuberosa growing in that field. There is also Queen Anne's Lace and maypops everywhere. Towards the fall there will be iron weed and if I remember correctly, goldenrod. A butterfly haven!

Unfortunately, that is about to become my front yard and we'll most likely keep it cut. Maybe I can talk the wife into leaving a nice swath down by the road for the butterflies...

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