progress in the back

trini_chaconia(z8 TX)July 31, 2005

Just two pictures of some progress in my backyard...still working at it though...much more work to be done...took these this morning. Azaleas, Torenia, white impatiens and a salvia in the window box and coleus on the plant stand.

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trini_chaconia(z8 TX)

One more closer shot

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You have done a lot of hard work already. You are creating a very peaceful area! It will be even more beautiful when the azaleas as in bloom.


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flowergirl_VA(z7 VA)

It looks very nice. As the azaleas grow, it should fill in nicely.

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that big tree is a sweet maple right? I'm not sure if your Azaleas will like the spot cuz. maple trees are known to be very invasive. The roots tend to grow upward and on the surface. So, Maple feeding roots will soon take over all the medium at and around your little plants. Sorry, I am not trying to discourage you. Your garden, however, looks great. luv it.

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