Lady Bells question.

mollyzone5July 8, 2005

Does anyone know where I could see a pic of these seedlings?I hope I am growing some, but not sure what they look like.These look something like christmas fern although I was given the seed and was told it was ladybells.I just want to know if that is what I am growing as I hate to nurse weeds to maturity.Thanks.

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I'm guessing it's Adenophora that goes with Lady Bells.
You can view the images here to see if it's a match.
Alternately you can take a photo of your seedlings and post on Name that Plant! forum where it will be indentified.

Here is a link that might be useful: Adenophora images

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I am sure now that these plants I am growing are not ladybells.None of the photos look like the leaves on mine.I do have to get one of those cameras though.I guess I will have to grow one of these plants on ,just to see what it really is.Thanks again.

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