Please don't feed the bears

chris_ont(5a Ont)July 6, 2005

A friend forwarded this on to me. Somewhere in Sudbury, Ontario

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javan(9b n. coastalCA)

Hey, it looks like the bear in my backyard last night who overturned my worm bin, and pulled a 50 pound bag of cocoa bean hulls down the driveway and into the street. Bears are amazing! Jim

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They are crazy when it comes to getting food. In places like Sequoia National Park, CA they raid campgrounds and literally tear open cars like a sardine can! No kidding, I've seen the results. Gotta give 'em credit for effort! PF

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NikkoBlue(8b GA)

How funny. We do invade there land, I guess they deserve a few bird seeds.

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peat_moss(z6 Mo)

Geez, I won't complain about deer or bunnies anymore!!

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Wow! What a neat shot. You must have to put out a lot of bird food. Do you see them around your place a lot. What do you do to protect yourself?

"won't complain about deer or bunnies"
Peat, I'm with you, bears up north, rattlesnakes etc. in AZ and other parts, gators and crocks in FL plus coral snakes and bobcats. Here it's deer, bunnies and the occasional couger siting. There are probably some rattlers too, but you don't hear about them. I know they collect venom in IA.

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chris_ont(5a Ont)

This isn't my backyard, Jan. These pictures were sent to me and I wanted to share.

We do have a bear problem in this area, though. Although bear sightings are down this year (about 160 as compared to over 200 by this time last year), the bears are more commonly seen inside town limits and end up being shot.
This is not a remote area and I guess relocating them is too much bother :(
Apparently, part of the reason for the bear problem is that a couple of years ago the Spring bear hunt was cancelled. While I'm not in favor of hunting anything for sport, we are now faced with an over-population, even right here in a town of 65,000
People are no longer leaving dog food and garbage outside and hikers and joggers have taken to wearing bell bracelets around their ankles.

Still, I prefer these bears over rattlesnakes. At least you can see them coming. :)


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