Peek A Boo.....I.....C......U! Can U Find Me?

kimskreationsJuly 6, 2005

This was a great shot this morning. This little guy was trying his hardest to hide on me but low and behold I found him and he seemed to like having his picture taken. Can you see what I saw?

Hope you enjoyed!


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Joyce(Zone 7b LI, NY)

I see a funky yellow spider with 'alien eyes' spots.

Very cool pix!

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Maybe we should call him, "Old Yeller". Sorry for that outburst! PF

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My daughter was so amazed by this guy. Turns out, there were 2 of them. This one I think is the pregnant one because the other was skinny (no male interest I suppose OR he is the male) *LOL*

1 of them was still on them during this mornings rounds of the gardens. I couldn't find the pregnant one. We got alot of rain last night and she may have fallen off.

I have never seen this spider before but thought it was SO NEAT how they camoflouged (sp?) themselves so brilliantly with the bright yellow Primrose.

It's the simple things in life that make life worth living!


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botann(z8 SEof Seattle)

I call them blossom spiders. They come in white too. They lie in wait for an insect to visit the flower.

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