Spider Flower ...

rogertse(NE AR)July 21, 2006

That's why they called it a Spider Flowers...

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That's beautiful!

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I have been looking for the ID of one of these for about a month. I had one come up in a old garden spot and didn't know what it was. I tried to upload a photo but mine was too big. Could you post another photo of the whole plant so I can be sure this is the same. Mine has some kind of seed pods that come straight out from the long part of the stem just under the blooms. Could I save these for replanting or trading. Thanks in advance for any help learning about this plant and its name.

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rogertse(NE AR)

Spider flower AKA cleome you can read it from this link

Here in AR zone 7, I never bother with them and they came back every year and grow like crazy, I have tons of them growing all over my property, they can grow to 5-6' tall and can be very messy... I can take some pictures of them in the morning and post them here...

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That was very helpful and yes I would love to see your photos. I have no idea how this plant started cause it was not here last year. I collected the seed and pods today cause some of them were drying out and opening. How do I save them for next year. I have them in a sealed bowl for now and also do I need to wait for the other pods to open before I store them. I have already picked all of them, hope that was ok. Thank you again for the info, I am glad I didn't just mow it down as a weed before it bloomed.

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rogertse(NE AR)

The Spider plant took over one of the vege garden this year, and I was too busy to clean them out, wife kind of weeded them, and this is how they look like with a lot of them together

and one of the older plants

and one of the close ups of the seed pods

I transplanted two of them to an area for the flowers, you can see how they stand up with the beautiful zinnia

We have never save the seeds, never had to, because they came back up each year

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