Unidentifiable little snake

FDRamsiss(z9 FL)July 18, 2005

This is the littlest snake I've seen. I don't know what it is but it has kind of a ring on its neck. But, it's not a ring snake because its body is not black.

It would be helpful if somebody could help me identify it. I took his/her picture with a FujiFilm FinePix 4700 digital camera.


Image link:

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You're correct that it is not a Ringneck Snake. Both the Florida Brown Snake (Storeria dekayi victa) and the Florida Red-Bellied Snake (Storeria occiptomaculata obscura) are tiny, harmless snakes whose juveniles have distinct neck rings. The Brown Snake loses its neck ring as it reaches maturity and the red-bellied snake only has a partial ring as an adult. The ringneck of course has a brighter neck ring and maintains it throught its life.

The Brown Snake and Red-Bellied Snake can look a lot alike but based on the picture I'd say its a Florida Brown Snake.

Both species are completely harmless. Since even the adults are often under 10 inches, I imagine that snake must be pretty tiny.

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FDRamsiss(z9 FL)

Thanks wayne_MO for the info. Yes, it is very tiny. I went yesterday to PETCO and another Pets store in my area, and I showed them that snake, in one store the guy was really knowledgable and in the other store they were just saying, "just set it free". The guy in PETCO told me that I can feed it eggs.

So, I went home and cracked an egg, put some yolk in the container the snake was in, and I watched. The snake thought it was water or something, so it just swam through it. It didn't drink it. Anyway, I thought I'm keeping it from its mother. So, I let it free.

In the picture, you can see a dried mango pit that I used provided for the snake to maybe shed it skin. Well, it got used to the pit after a while. But when I let it free, I introduced it to an avocado dead leaf. It crawled right into it, without hesitation. So, I said to myself, the guys from the other pets store were right, "just set it free", and let the nature take its cycle.


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