Is this Solanum?

geoffhandley(Shropshire, UK)July 9, 2005

While I was in Shrewsbury I walked alomg the bank of the river Severn and found this climber coming over a garden wall. Rather rampant. Is it Solanum crispum?

Image link:

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Yes, it is. Altho I'm not sure of the exact name, I had the white variety growing at our old home. It grows, and grows, and grows, as well as sends suckers out. I cut it down almost to the ground every late Winter/early Spring and it would completely cover our garage wall (three plants) within just a couple months.

Aphids loved it which really wasn't a major problem because Lady Bugs and their babies, without fail, cleaned the vines up for me every year. I never once fertilized it and it was on a regular watering schedule. The vines made a great background for the flowering plants in front of it.


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Geoff.....the form of this Solanum, with the variegated leaves, is the best in my opinion.

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