Do you ever stake your Broccoli?

mandolls(4)June 15, 2011

It rained for about 12 hours, and when went out to look at the garden, about half of my broccoli plants were leaning way over. They are big healthy plants, 24-30 inches tall and just starting to form heads (about the size of a quarter), but the stem right at the ground level is only about an inch in diameter, maybe less.

They are in very fluffy soil in raised beds (I dont need a trowel when I am putting in plants)

I put short stakes in the ground and tied up the worst of them. Is this common? or are my plants taller and heavier than they should be?

This is my first attempt at broccoli, so I dont have a personal reference point. When people photograph broccoli they tend to do it from over-head to show the good part, I didnt realize they grew so tall.


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I tend to transplant all brassicas deeper than they were in their containers and hill slightly when I'm hoeing around them. My soil is quite heavy and I firm them in well when transplanting, so that provides stability as well. I would think your plants are just fine; that's how the plant looks at ground level, which is why I bury deeper for support. Nothing wrong with staking them if they need it. Next time you'll know. :)

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I remember my father saying he planted in 'firm' soil as they prefer to be firmly planted, which would prevent your problem.
So I tread the soil down before I plant any brassicas, deeper than they were growing.

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I have mine staked because they're gowing in compost and mulched leaves, not soil. Not quite enough for the roots to grab on to.

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twc015(7b/8a SE Arkansas)

A few of my broccoli plants fell over this year after a wind gust around 50-60 miles per hour. I did not do anything to them and like all plants, they grew back upright without me having to do anything. I did have one plant snap in half though. I keep the soil firm around mine; I always walk on the ground right up to the plants.

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Thanks for your voices of experience. I was afraid something was really wrong. I'll try firming the soil around the plants, and will stake where I have to. I grow Dahlias, so I have plenty of stakes.

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