Early Fall/Pumpkin Gardening!

rosenbarn(Piedmont, NC)July 25, 2012

Just wanted to share this so some might realize just how beautiful a pumpkin patch can be. Seems my 'fall' garden has bloomed early, despite efforts to nip everything in the bud. Purple Sedum, Black Eyed Susan, 4 different colors of mums, Purple Butterfly Bush, and lush Pumpkin vine has kept me from having to mow my little front yard!!

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I am so incredibly new to this whole gardening thing so I need as much help as I can get. When should I start planting my winter garden? My gourds and everything else that can withstand a Texas winter?

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Your Pumpkins look lovely. They are really ornamental when in good culture. I have some going in the back but have battled disease all year so they are pretty beat up. Still, the pumpkins are quite large.

Thanks for sharing.

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