July Landscape-front of the house beds and borders

gardengranny2(6 CT)July 19, 2008

GrandmaChris, I have uploaded these photos to show you my beds in July. Hope you and everybody enjoy.side b eds

They are just of the front of the house. The rear and side beds will follow at another time.

This bed below has become so overgrown. Palace purples have self seeded in several new spots which I rather enjoy.

The 'Festiva Maxima' peony is just covered in powdery mildew. It was removed yesterday and planted in 3 pots (the tuber or root system was enormous. We will continue to dig up divide and replant a little differently over a period of the next several weeks.

This island bed is smack dab in the middle of our front lawn. It contains a florida dogwood, 'pink sensation' hydrangea tree, 2 thuga 'little midget'(in orb form), 1 peony (a single-name?), 2 red azaleas (self layered and dug up from a side border), 6 sedum 'Autumn Joy', 1 euonymus 'Emerald n' Gold, 2 mugho pines, and my baby 'Crimson Queen' japanese maple with 2 dwarf alberta spruce trees located to provide winter wind protection to the maple. Hosta circle the dogwood on one end of the island and 'Palace Purple heuchera circle the hydrangea tree on the other end. The sedums were initially planted as a filler when we planted the bed in 2003. The shrubs and trees have gained considerable size these past 5 yrs. and the sedums have become the size of shrubs themselves. They will be removed later this fall.

A japanese holly(pruned harder than I would prefer) is to the right of the front step. To the right of the holly is the pink Lenten rose. It has become the size of a bush itself. Note it carries its flowers even yet. Also in this bed are a Pieris on either side of the large rhodie in the center. Fronting those are 3 huge hostas whose names escape me. They get so large that people stop to ask what they are. I wish I knew. They were planted long ago.

This is a forward shot of the same bed above.

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juanital(5b/6a OH)

Very nice beds, Gardengranny!

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