Garlic bulbs and bulbils for trade

victoria_cpcrazy(5 North central Kansas)August 1, 2011

I have several varieties of garlic bulbs and bulbils for trade, I am looking for the following heirloom varities of seeds for them:

Butter Lettuce

Leaf Lettuces




Bok Choy




Sweet Peppers

Since it will cost me so much to ship the garlic bulbs I would prefer to do larger trades for them....but I am willing to do some smaller trades for the bulbils.



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I am interested in a possible trade with you. I have many items on your list that you might be interested in. I will be sending you an email.

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victoria_cpcrazy(5 North central Kansas)

Thanks Tom, I sent an email back.

Anyone else interested in trading for garlic? I have several pounds worth so there is plenty for several trades.


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Any interest in trading for mammoth raspberry?
Happy gardening

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victoria_cpcrazy(5 North central Kansas)

Sorry, not interested in any raspberries at this time, thanks for the offer though.

Happy growing;

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dbannie04(8 TX)

I would love some garlic! I have Fordhook 242 Lima Beans, Speckled Calico Lima Beans, Topcrop Bush Bean, Kentucky Wonder pole bean, and contender bush bean. I also have a lot of heirloom tomato seeds. Let me know if you think we can work something out! Thanks

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I'm sending an email.

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Would you be at all interested in any of these?:Heirloom Boltardy Beets, Heirloom American Purple Top Rutabaga, I do not have alot of them but maybe 40 seeds aprox. I also have Heirloom Chantenay Royal carrot, Heirloom Broad Leaf Escarole and carrot seeds that are marked as open pollinated...not sure if that means they are Heirloom but am thinking they are. They are: Cosmic purple, Kaleidoscope. Have aprox.30-50 seeds of Mervielle des Quatre Saisons lettuce but does not say it is Heirloom, it was from a trade. I would LOVE to trade for any named garlic. Thank you for any consideration on this. If you are not interested, that's ok to...I perfectly understand. :)
Also, I have not been able to successfully change my e-mail address in here it is: I'm going to try again to change it, then will have to get ahold of someone in here that can help me out.

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I have kale and collards. Email me at punkrotten (at)

Let me know what garlic you have. I may have some carrots to trade too.

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hi i have 5 varieties of garlic in my lists. i would love to trade for varieties i dont have . please check my list for things you'ld like if your interested in a trade. i will be planting the garlic very soon but i keep about half to eat. i planted 450 toes last year but i think i'll try to double that this year.

Here is a link that might be useful: ricjo22's exchange list

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