Snake in my Garden

sonny44August 16, 2013

Can anyone identify this snake? i looked through everything i could find on snakes of CT. The only one that even comes close is a northern water snake, but he was in my garden today and in my shrubs the other day nowhere near water. He is about 30-36 inches long, very fat and a nearly triangular leathery flat head. Matt captured him in a bucket and we released him in our pond. He went straight to the bottom and swam away. Beautiful specimen.

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Wonder if it is a Northern Water Snake.

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Judging by the up turned nose it is a hog nosed snake.

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I concur that it is a hognose snake. They are not doing too well anymore (many ground nesting snakes are declining) so it's nice to see them!

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I realize this thread is old but that snake is a Northern Water Snake, Nerodia sipedon not a hognose. Great picture!

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