What's left after 20' of rain in 3 Weeks

NikkoBlue(8b GA)August 11, 2005

With our terrable storms, I have lost many plants to rot, despite moving them, and using sand for drainage, however.... my mail box looks great!

I love Coleus.... and it's color

This is what make's it worth it... when you see a beauty like this fly into YOUR yard for your pollen!

We had a set of baby birds hang out in our back bed for about a week, while they learned to fly..... which was so cool!

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Thanks for the pictures from Georgia! The rain has done most things good in my yard, except for my pumpkin vine, which now has powdery mildew thanks to all the humidity!!

Love the baby mourning doves! We have a couple that coo at us as well. We have been almost overrun with birds of all kind this summer. Gonna go broke feedin' them!

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Wow, what great pictures! The ones of the doves and the monarch butterfly are wonderful. Keep up the good work, your a natural! I live in Seattle, so I understand about getting too much rain too quick. Happy gardening, Samantha

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Oh, what darling mourning doves!

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Joeray(Z9 LA)

I wish we could get a little of your rain over here in South Louisiana. It won't rain here. We have to water our plants constantly to keep them alive.

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NikkoBlue(8b GA)


For some reason I can't reply to your e-mail about my COLEUS... so here it is.

(I was playing around at Garden web and saw the wonderful Coleus. Do you happen
to know what the name or color is for that plant? Please let me know if you
do. I love Coleus but they have had such bad colors here in California the
last two yrs. Thanks......Marica)

Yes I do, it is..... Sun Coleus, Soleenostemon scutellarioides....... no color name listed on my tag. I bought it at Lowes about 3 months ago in a 4" pot and now its about 2 1/2' tall. I love it, its out at my mailbox, in full sun, however it does get watered daily due to afternoon showers.

I tried to look the tag up at their website: www.lowes.com/plants however, the website is not finished with the garden section..... the tag # is l9176, just incase.

The plant was a nice purple at the store, but in my yard it has deepened and added some great reds to it.

Hope this helps!

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