I can't stop takeing pictures.

patsi(z7-S.Jersey)August 8, 2008

Click on picture

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Nice! Dragonflies are everywhere this year!

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Great pics as usual Patsi. I recognize the Sealtest box but what is the other item?

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The second item is a Chalwyn road lantern from UK 1960's to 1970's
Why it was hanging from a tree in my backyard when I moved here ten years ago...I have no idea.
I also found a diary(not much in it) from the lady that owned this house and lived to be 106 years old.

I was told they were common throughout England in construction areas and quite commonly stolen to be used for other purposes.I have to restore to orginal like below.

(info posted on blog also)

Just keep taking pictures.
Also look at the other gardeners listed my my home page.


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NO! For goodness' sake, DON'T STOP!!! Thanks for sharing

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