Tiger Lilies, Oniyuri

plantfreak(z9aKyushuJapan)August 1, 2005

Japan is a land where flowers are loved, and the lilies are a favorite summer flower. Lily is called "yuri" in Japanese, and the 15 species found here can be seen fom Hokkaido to Okinawa (thatÂs a formidable range of climates, equivalent to the range from northern Maine to south Florida). Even the Easter Lily of the west is in fact a Japanese native.

The Tiger Lily, Lilium lancifolium, is a common plant in the west as well, but is in fact probably a Chinese native. It was brought to Japan initially as a food plant, but today is mostly used as an ornamental. Japanese plants donÂt form seeds, so they must be grown from dividing the bulbs, or by the little bulbs that form on the base of the leaves. This species is called "oniyuri" named after devil-like beasts with red faces called "oni". The closest equivalent in the west to an oni might be a gremlin, but oni are much bigger and full of mischief. HereÂs a large clump growing near my house.

A little closer:

Closer still:

If you want to read a nice page on Japanese Lilies then check this out. Of course many hybrids abound here as well. In spring bulbs are available everywhere at really cheap prices ($1-3 each for huge bulbs, depending on the variety). They are great plants! PF

Here is a link that might be useful: Japanese Lilies

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flowergirl_VA(z7 VA)

I could hardly look at your lilies for gawking at your gorgeous mountains and mist!

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CLacy2k(Cypress z8b/9)

Wow! Breathtaking! Thanks for sharing these! How lucky you are to get to admire these in person!

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Tall and stately! Don't you just admire a plant that stands tall and strong, and doesn't flop over.

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I can't wait until my clump is that large but of course if I don't stop trading them it will never get there! lol Stunning is the right word for them!


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I have these in both my front and back yard. Lilium Superbum, or turk's cap lily. I got them 4 1/2 years ago, and they spread like wildfire after the 2nd year.

If anyone has any pink, Iwould love to trade a few with you!

Blessings, Tina

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Joeray(Z9 LA)

Your lillies are beautiful, your homesite is even more so.

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Thanks for the information. It is very interesting. EP

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Thanks for all the comments. I do feel fortunate to live in a place that offers such beauty...of course the reality of modern Japan is just as strong here. When I photograph Japan I try to focus on traditional or natural subjects, but you must realize this all is embedded in a decidedly modern landscape composed largely of concrete, steel, and conjestion that is at first very daunting. I live on the outskirts of most of that, yet it affects the community I live in as well. The city is spreading.

Also, these are not my lilies. They are growing in a small private garden next to one of the many rice patties here. I spied them one day on a bike ride, and took these pics. The mountains in the backround are often shrouded in mist even when it is not raining in the lowlands. After a typhoon has passed the surrounding mountains are covered in the most exquisite blanket of clouds. It is very hard to describe, but the first thought you have is "wow, the world is really mysterious!". PF

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