Hydrangeas in multi color

HerbAugust 25, 2005

These are all on the one plant.

Image link:

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WOW! I have never seen more than one color on a plant! That is really neat. Do you have to do anything special to the soil to keep it that way?

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The Hydrangea was there when we bought the house, about 20 years ago & since then it's been more or less neglected, apart from our cutting it back now & again. We haven't done anything at all to the soil.

We have some other Hydrangeas but they don't have the variety of color that this one does. The only thing that's different about this one is that it's in a place where it gets a lot less sun than the others - maybe that's what does it?


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Eliza_ann_ca(zone 6 ont ca)

Thats awesome!
They are one of my favorite shrubs and I have had no luck growing them.
Those are truly a work of art!

Eliza Ann

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