Over-Planted Awesomeness: Pics of My First Garden!

darcygardenAugust 5, 2008

My First Garden!!!!

I want to thank you all for helping us through it :)

Here are some pics... including our 3 Tomatoes over 8 feet tall!!! (including a 13 ft German Queen).


This Jade is my biggest success story... it almost died twice :)

Anyone know what this plant is??? My Landlord gave it to me 2 years ago, she said it was a rare Geranium. It grows foliage like CRAZY, but in 2 years it's never flowered. Any ideas?


Yellow pear tomatoes, cucumbers, Ichibans, eggplant, and peppers.

Yes, we're growing raspberries in a pot... it's a big test at this point.

And Blueberries.


Banana Peppers, Concord Grape Vine (1st year), an Avocado tree (we think? It just started growing when we started fertilizing the area- we will probably get rid of it), and to the far right is a Fig tree that we dug up in March and dragged across the property with soil-less roots (so it wouldn't be killed)... I thought it was a goner for sure- but all those leaves are new. Thankyou B1.

Spices, Peppers, and Strawberries

Our flower garden has tripled in size since this pic (a week ago).

THE BACK GARDEN: Tomatoes Tomatoes Tomatoes!!!

I PROMISE YOU that my neighbor (the 2nd owner of this garden) pictured here is 5ft 6 inches tall! You are looking at a Cherry Tomato plant that hangs over its pictured 9ft cage by 3 feet.

HERE IS OUR BIGGEST TOMATO PLANT: I'm sorry I can't get a better pic of it due to the brick wall only a couple feet away. This is a German Queen that at it's largest was 16 feet tall. We could not support it in a tall cage so we built this makeshift arbor. We lost a bit of the plant when the move happened- but it is still about 13 feet tall. MOST UNFORTUNATELY, it has not yet produced a tomato and I don't know if it will on this apparatus :(

Our Black Prince (about 8 feet tall).

Aristocrat Squash in background

Finally, our Bell peppers and Herbs.

It's been a whole lot of fun!!

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Isn't it exciting! Great pics. You have certainly made the most of your space. I can't get over that tomato plant, excuse me, I should have said that tomato tree. Enjoy your harvest!

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That is quite a tomato plant!

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