What kind of flower is this?

wingo_43(z7b GA)August 10, 2007

Would appreciate any help in identifying this plant. It sprouted a couple of weeks ago in a shady spot under a sweetgum tree in my yard. I've never planted any bulbs or seeds in this spot, nor has anything ever grown there before, so it's a big mystery as to why this flower suddenly sprang up and blossomed.

It's a beautiful color, but strange looking. Notice there's no leaves, not even at the base of the plant. Just a flower on stalk. Any ideas?



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Lycoris squamigera common name surprise lily.

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also known (at least in my wife's little circle :)
as a "naked lady"

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Surprise! lol

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It looks to me like a gournsey lily, but I can't claim to be an expert. I have some growing in my yard.

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