Melon Identification

sjklyJune 26, 2010

I don't have a camara so no pictures.

Being a complete newb I made an error. I did not label things-thinking the plants would look different enough that I could ID them.

Well, I planted green melons, charentis, and silverline. They all at this point look nothing like the finished product and are all producing small blue/green furry melons.

The one I was sure was a green melon is probably a green melon-it doesn't look exactly like the others and the fruit really do look oblong.

The completely unidentified one has vaguely egg shaped, heavily striped blue/green fruit right now-anyone have a clue which of the three it is.

The other one is producing very few fruit, it is the same egg shape but a lighter, brighter green (is this the silverline?)

Note to self: Label all plants.

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