Butterfly pics

springa7(z5 MA)September 5, 2005

Here's a couple of pictures that I got of a monarch butterfly (at least I think that it's a monarch) a couple of days ago. They're not nearly as good as some of the other butterfly pictures that I've seen posted here, but I am using an older camera and I can never seem to get too close without having the butterfly take off and fly away.

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Very pretty! They're so much fun to watch.

I've taken dozens of pictures of butterflies and only gotten one or two so-so ones...they just won't hold still.

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Here's one that visited my garden earlier this afternoon. I ususally have 3-4 flitting around the yard several times every day.

I'm using the closeup setting on my camera and sneaking up on them very - very - very - slowly.

This was the best of about a dozen shots. There's a thumbnail offsite - it's a pretty big file.

Here is a link that might be useful: My photo album homepage

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